We are the official Retailers of O’Douds in Switzerland!

O’Douds was born in 2014 in Houston, Texas. The vision of the brand is simple: to make quality, natural, and well-sourced goods that actually work.

They didn’t set out to make a quick buck. In fact, they didn’t even plan on making any money at all. O’Douds began as a hobby, and in that hobby was a deep passion for made-by-hand, quality, natural, and well-sourced. We didn’t know anything about cosmetics beyond how to make traditional pomade, but with some hard work and dedication, we started to figure things out.

Now, just a year and a half after our initial launch of  our first pomade, we have moved to Brooklyn, NY with a completely revised line of goods.

All of our ingredients are made up of only naturally occurring substances. Some go through more processing than others, but it all comes from the earth. At O’Douds, each of our products is made in our own shop. Nothing is outsourced, simple as that.


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